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Unit Conversion Tool

TTC’s web-based unit conversion tool allows you to express numerous physics, chemistry, and engineering quantities in different units.


  • Web-based deployment implies application anywhere, anytime!
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • The tool supports more than a hundred kinds of units, which are grouped as follows:
    • Dimension (angle, area, length, time, and volume)
    • Electricity (electric capacitance, electric charge, electric conductance, electric current, electric field strength, electric inductance, electric potential, electric resistance)
    • Energy (energy/work, energy flux, energy per unit area, energy per unit mass (specific energy), enthalpy, fouling factor, heat transfer coefficient, power, power per unit mass (specific power), power per unit volume (power density), specific heat, entropy, temperature, temperature interval, thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, thermal resistance, volumetric coefficient of expansion)
    • Fluid (mass concentration, molar concentration, mass flowrate, mass flux density, molar flowrate, permeability, surface tension, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, volume flowrate)
    • IT (data storage, digital image resolution)
    • Kinematics and dynamics (acceleration, angular acceleration, density, force, force per unit mass, mass, moment, momentum, angular momentum, moment of force/torque, moment of inertia, pressure, specific volume, velocity, angular velocity, frequency, wavelength, wave number)
    • Light (illumination, luminance, luminous flux, luminous intensity)
    • Magnetism (magnetic field strength, magnetic flux, magnetic flux density, magnetomotive force)
    • Radiology (radioactive dose, radioactivity)
    • Sound
    • Miscellaneous measures

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TTC Unit Conversion Tool

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