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Advanced Math Tools

TTC’s Mathematics Calculator allows you to evaluate a large number of math functions.


  • The codes run on the web, so you can compute anywhere, anytime.
  • The tool supports many native mathematics funcitons:
    • Elementary Math (Complex Number, Elementary Arithmetic Functions, Trigonometric Functions, Hyperbolic Functions, etc.)
    • Special Functions (Airy, Bassel, Error, Gamma, Legendre, etc.)
    • Linear Algebra (Matrix and Vector Operation, Matrix Decomposition, Eigen-System, etc.)
    • Numerical Integration (Quadrature)
    • Statistical Analysis and Random Number Generation
    • Curve-Fitting and Interpolation (for 1D and 2D)
    • Polynomials and Optimization (Zeros, Roots, Minimization or Maximization)
    • Fast Fourier Transforms (for 1D and 2D, Forward and Inverse Transforms)
    • Differential Equation Solver (Stiff and Non-Stiff, Initial Value and Boundary Value)
  • The tool supports user-defined functions. You can define your own functions for integration, optimization, etc.
  • The tool contains commands to easily generate basic charts based on your calculated results:
    • Single- or Multiple-Line Charts (Stacked or Overlayed)
    • Single- or Multiple-Column Charts (Vertical/Horizontal, Side-by-Side, Stacked or Overlayed)
    • Pie Charts

You can obtain a complete list of the native functions here.

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