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Online Database

TTC’s online database provides you with the capability to grab engineering data with the click of a button. The following data are supported:

  • Thermophysical properties for
    • Single-phase fluids
    • Two-phase fluids at equilibrium state
    • Solid materials of all sorts (metals, non-metals, insulation, etc.)
    • Mixtures of fluids
  • Chemical and physical properties database for
    • Elements
    • Chemical compounds
    • Mixtures
  • Engineering database for
    • Tube counts in heat exchanger analysis
    • Friction factor calculation for flow in pipes (Moody charts)
    • Sample film coefficients for heat transfer analysis
    • Pipe schedules
    • Absolute roughness
    • Fouling resistance for surfaces
    • Minor loss k-factors in pipe/duct flow

Mobile App

Available on Android and iOS devices:

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