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Advanced CFD Computing on the Cloud

AEROFLO CLOUD is the first commercially available CFD software to run on the cloud. An easy-to-use interface is available online to enable you setup a CFD project, execute it, and visualize the results.

Multi-Disciplinary CFD Solutions for Realistic Problems

AEROFLO will provide high-fidelity results for a range of problems in engineering, including basic flow problems, aeroacoustics, combustion, and MHD simulations.

High-Order Accuracy

AEROFLO supports high-order simulations, both in time and space, and for all speed regimes. For incompressible and subsonic flows, the COMPACT schemes are used for spatial discretization. For high-speed, several versions of the weighted essentially non-oscillatory (WENO) schemes are used. Time integration schemes include Beam-Warming, fourth-order Runge-Kutta, and third-order total-variation-diminishing (TVD).

High-Order Overset Capabilities

In order to make AEROFLO competitive with unstructured solvers, AEROFLO is endowed with an advanced overset scheme, with capabilities for hole-cutting and non-conforming overlapped surfaces. The overset scheme in AEROFLO is implemented in a high-order fashion.

Massive Parallelization

As a rule, all CFD tools from TTC run in parallel, to take an advantage of clusters and computers with parallel architectures. TTC researchers are at the forefront of high performance computing (HPC), developing parallel algorithms since the late 1980s.

Advanced Combustion Modules

AEROFLO supports advanced simulation techniques for combustion. The flamelet procedures in AEROFLO allow the use of the detailed chemistry. This procedure supports premixed, non-premixed, and partially premixed combustion.

Large Eddy Simulation

AEROLO allows turbulence simulation via the large eddy simulation (LES) technique. The following approaches are supported: Smagorinsky, dynamic Smagorinsky, Vremann’s Smagorinsky, subgrid kinetic energy model, and monotone integrated large eddy simulation.

Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations

The following Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models are supported in AEROFLO: k-ε, k-ω, k-τ, Menter’s SST, Spalart-Allmaras, detached eddy simulation (DES), RANS/LES hybrid, and so on.

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