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AEROFLO is an advanced, multi-disciplinary CFD-based prediction tool for aerospace systems, subsystems, and components. The code can also analyze flow and thermal problems in aerospace, automotive, chemical, mechanical, energy, and bio-medical industries. The niche for TTC's AEROFLO includes problems requiring high-fidelity solutions such as aeroacoustics, combustion, and aeroelasticity. However, standard low-order CFD procedures are also supported. AEROFLO is particularly well-suited for high-speed applications, multi-disciplinary design and optimization (MDO). Hypersonic and Magnetogasdynamics simulations are rare tools that are supported in AEROFLO.


  • Advcanced cloud computating technique
  • High-order accuracy
  • Standard low-order schemes are also available
  • All speed regimes
  • Accurate moving body calculations
  • Various turbulence models
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multi-platform, parallel computation


  • High-order at all speed regimes
  • Moving-boundary calculations
  • Subsonic
  • Transonic
  • Supersonic
  • Hypersonic
  • Subsonic, transonic, supersonic turbulent flows
  • Adjoint Green function procedure to calculate sound pressure level
  • Realistic engineering problems
  • High-order at all speed regimes
  • High-order, multi-block flow solver
  • Platform for non-linear aeroelasticity, full-blown flow equations
  • Mode-based structure solver
  • Dynamic mesh procedure for adaptive structures
  • Dynamic flow-structure coupling
  • Linear ROM method (P-K method)
  • High-order at all speed regimes
  • Level-Set, flamelet, LES procedures
  • Premixed, non-premixed, and partially premixed flames
  • Realistic engineering problems
  • Arbitrary complex kinetic mechanisms
  • High-order at all speed regimes
  • Full-blown magnetic induction equations
  • Source formulation
  • Realistic engineering geometries
  • High-order at all speed regimes
  • Active research efforts on hybrid and particle methods for non-equilibrium flows
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