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Viscous Upwind Algorithm for Complex Flow Analysis (VULCAN) is a CFD code that was developed for the simulation of supersonic combustion in aircraft propulsion. Its development started at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, but has since moved to NASA Langley, the current custodian of the software. TTC has the most advanced version of VULCAN, with the following additional capabilities:

  • Incorporation of better Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) models
  • Capability for high-order discretization schemes
  • Allowance for the simulation of combusting two-phase flows involving liquid fuel sprays
  • Incorporation of the flamelet-based approach to turbulence-combustion interaction modeling

Please note that the VULCAN software is available only to ITAR-certified organizations in the United States and Canada. Moreover, other restrictions may apply, even for ITAR-certified organizations.
(ITAR stands for “International Traffic in Arms Regulations.)

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