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Complete Programming Language

All the features of a programming language environment, including decision structures, loop elements, array variables, and subprogram units, are fully supported in iSCRIPT.

Built-in Optimization

The integrated local-global optimization (ILGO) procedure allows you to optimize components, subsystems, and complete systems. iSCRIPT also supports the genetic algorithm approach to optimization.

High-performance Computing

In order to enable the simulation of large scale engineering systems, such as complete aircraft, iSCRIPT allows you to run your model in parallel.

Math Library

iSCRIPT has its own list of math functions, including elementary functions, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, vector and matrix analysis, special functions, interpolation and curve fitting, functions for statistical analysis, numerical integration, differential equation solver, and Fast Fourier Transform.

Unit Conversion & Database

iSCRIPT allows on-the-fly unit conversion during the analysis. During the simulation, iSCRIPT provides you access to a huge database of thermo-physical properties.

Modeling and Integration Physical Decomposition
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