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INSTED is your one-stop software suite for empirical thermal and hydraulic analysis of engineering systems and components, with a focus on finned and un-finned heat exchangers, flow over tube banks, performance of isolated fins and fin arrays, analysis of heat conduction in composite solids, internal and external flow and heat transfer, performance of fluid flows in piping systems, design analysis of pipe flows, and power calculations for pump selection. INSTED calculations are very fast, leading to fast turnaround in the analysis cycle. The interface is easy and fun to use. With the CLOUD deployment of INSTED, you can carry out your thermal-hydraulic analysis of heat exchangers and other engineering systems/components anytime, anywhere, and even on your smartphones.


  • Advanced cloud-based simulation
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Supports the following types of heat exchangers:
    • Shell-and-tubes
    • Concentric tubes
    • Plate-fin
    • Plate-frame
  • Two-phase flows (condensation, evaporation, vaporization)
  • Integration with third-party software such as Microsoft Excel
  • On-the-fly integration with a huge database for thermophysical properties, pipe schedules, friction factor calculator (Moody chart), etc.


  • Analysis of fins and fin arrays
  • Conduction analysis
  • Internal flow/heat transfer
  • External flow analysis
  • Heat transfer/flow over tube banks
  • Shell and tube
  • Concentric tubes
  • Plate-fin
  • Plate-frame
  • Single-phase and two-phase thermophysical properties
  • Pipe schedules
  • Moody chart
  • Roughness parameter
  • Minor loss factors for duct flow
  • Radiation parameters
  • Series piping systems
  • System simulaiton
  • INSTED CFD (2D only)
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